Here's your chance for a new career

Home cleaning jobs with a purpose

Providing home cleaning jobs is not why Homelover Cleaning is in business. Our’s vision is to accelerate the transition to environmentally sustainable cleaning.

The standard cleaning products that are being used everyday is bad for our skin and lungs. After they are used, they are washed into the drains and impact our local environment.

We want to show our customers that we can achieve high quality cleaning with organic products, whilst being environmentally friendly.

Homelover Cleaning invests most of our profits into planting trees for a better future four our children.

We dedicate ourselves to planting a tree for every:

  • New customer
  • New referral
  • 20 hours that we clean for a customer.
A career at Homelover Cleaning is not the same as the standard cleaning jobs that is found elsewhere.
We will teach you and guide you on how to become a great cleaner. But you must want to become one yourself. We set a high standard, and we expect the best from our staff at every time.

This is the career and company for you if you:

  • Like helping people
  • Want to drive change in our world
  • Enjoy receiving appreciation for your work
If you don’t like hard work, afraid of getting your hands dirty, or just a small part-time job to get by, then this may not be what you’re looking for.
Good luck!
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Do you have an ABN?

Do you have your own cleaning equipment? Eg. Vacuum Cleaner, mop, bucket, duster etc?

Do you have a car?

What is the VISA that you hold in Australia?

When does your VISA expire?

Which days are you able to work from 8am to 5pm?

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