Being sustainable with organic cleaning products

Why are we using organic cleaning products?

Our vision is to accelerate the transition to sustainable cleaning. Everything we do has to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Everything we do needs to reflect what we believe.

From how we travel to your home, our operations, all the way to the products that we use. Everything needs to be sustainable.


Plant based and not petroleum based.

It is important for that all products we consume are not petroleum based. We need vast amounts of energy to extract petroleum, refine it, package it, and use it.

But most importantly, it is non-renewable.

One day, it will run out.


Biodegradable within a short span of time.

Biodegradability is a measure of how fast bacteria can break it down. All matter is biodegradable to some extent, but what is important is the speed.

Objects which break down in months compared to decades are much more preferable. This means they get absorbed back in the earth without clogging our landfills.


Palm-oil free.

The oil palm tree produces a big red fruit bunch rich with oil. The palm oil industry is expanding rapidly and needs room to grow. For this to happen, the industry is demolishing rainforests everywhere.

Now is a time to plant more trees, not destroy them.

What organic cleaning products are we using?

We are not tied to a specific brand. All the organic cleaning products listed below have been thoroughly tested and proven to work. We stand by these products as our quality is judged based on their effectiveness.

Eucalyptus Oil

Bathrooms, sinks, taps, toilets, and floors

Eucalyptus Trees, generally known as Gum Trees, are a native Australian Tree. Distilling the leaves produces eucalyptus oil, which has many applications.

  • Treating illnesses
  • Preventing odour
  • Mold killer
  • Wound treatment
  • Insect repellent

But the main reason why we use in our cleaning is for the bacteria removal and the fragrance it leaves behind.

We mix 1 part pure 100% eucalyptus oil into 100 parts water. This is enough to leave taps, floors shining and smelling great.

Generally, the industry only harvests the leaves. The trunks are to remain for growth and to produce more leaves the following season.

Organic cleaning with Eucalyptus Oil
Organic Cleaning products with Earth Choice Window Cleaner

Earth Choice

Mirrors, glass and shiny surfaces

Earth Choice comes from Nature Organics. This company produces organic cleaning products with the lowest impact on the environment.

Earth Choice Glass Cleaner is great because it consists of:

  • Plant Based Ingredients
  • No Chlorine or Ammonia
  • Grey Water & Septic Safe
  • Cruelty Free – CCF Accredited
  • 100% Recycled PET Plastic Bottle
  • Australian Made & Owned

Most other window cleaners will leave streaks because of the chemicals inside.

This particular glass cleaner is fantastic for windows and glass. Yet, it is also great for chrome and stainless steel.

Organic Cleaning products with Earth Choice Window Cleaner

Orange Squirt

Kitchen and general areas

Orange Squirt all-purpose cleaner that removes greasy soils by softening oils and fats.

It also:

  • Has endorsement with the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) mark
  • Contains vegetable based detergents which leads to
  • Enhanced biodegradability

Generally, we should not apply standard multipurpose cleaners on marble, granite and limestone. But Orange Squirt is safe enough to use for these surfaces.

As a result, children and pets will be less affected by cleaning with this organic cleaning product.

Organic cleaning with Orange Squirt
Organic Cleaning with Gumption


Range hood, ovens, and greasy surfaces

Ovens and rangehoods are some of the trickiest parts of the house to clean.

Traditionally, Jif has been a fantastic product for greasy areas. But Gumption is a great organic substitute.

It will cut through grease in the kitchen and grime in the bathrooms. If the mark is still there after using Gumption, chances are, it’s meant to be there.

Gumption will leave streak marks after application. But that’s what our other organic cleaning products are for.

Organic Cleaning with Gumption

Help us plant a tree for you

We plant a tree for every customer. We try and help save the environment and combat climate change.

One tree at a time.